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When did Story app close?

posted on 2014/09/10

When is support for the Story App and Story.us ending?
 Story App and Story.us closed on September 26, 2014 and will no longer be supported. It will continue to have limited functionality.

What will happen to all my stories on my device?
Any story created on your device will continue to be viewable on your device.

What about stories that I have shared? Can people still view those stories?
No. Any shared story (through email, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter) will no longer be viewable on Story.us or Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

Can I download my stories?
No. The Story App created stories in a special format that cannot be downloaded like a photo or video.

Will I be able to access new themes?
After September 26, 2014 no premium theme can be purchased and only the themes that you have previously accessed will be available.


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