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What are some hints and tips to playing Disney•Pixar Brave?

posted on 2014/06/29

Weapons and Combat
  • Equip the right charm power during combat for more effective attacks. For example, the earth charm does extra damage to root-based and flying enemies.
  • The icon above an enemy shows their vulnerability.
  • Whenever you find a new weapon, your attack damage will increase with that weapon type. Even if you switch weapons, you will still keep the attack bonus.
  • Charged shot: Once purchased, hold the designated button or key to charge up an arrow, then release it to devastate enemies.


Hints and Tips
  • Look for hidden areas in the world; you will be rewarded.
  • Look for objects in the world to break and find rewards.
  • Each completed level unlocks concept art that can be viewed in Extras from the main menu.
  • Make sure to purchase upgrades every time you cleanse a waystone to bolster your power.
  • Icons above a level gate tell you how many items there are in each level (and how many you have collected).

Saving the game: Disney•Pixar Brave uses an auto-save feature. Your game progress is automatically saved at checkpoints and upon completing a level. When the spinning, auto-save indicator icon appears on screen, please do not turn off your console or computer.

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