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How do I activate TRON: Evolution on Windows® XP/Vista/7?

posted on 2014/06/29

Acceptance of the end user license agreement is required to play TRON: Evolution. The game must be activated with the serial code enclosed in the product's packaging.

TRON: Evolution uses SecuROM™ content protection technology. The game can be played on up to five computers. Users can manage which computers are authorized or de-authorized to play the game.
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Activating the Game
After installing Disney TRON: Evolution, product activation is required. You will need an active internet connection to do this.

1. Click Next at the Welcome screen.

Disney TRON: Evolution

2. Enter the product serial number, including dashes, in the SERIAL field:


NOTE: The product serial number is located on the back panel of the DVD insert under the Customer Support information section (in some instances, the serial number may be found stickered to the inside of the DVD case). The product serial number is not case sensitive.

Disney TRON: Evolution

3. After entering the serial number, click Activate. This will connect you to the Activation server, where the product will be authenticated.
In case of Product Activation failure – please contact your local technical support as listed in the game packaging.

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