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How do I change the language option in Disney Planes for the Wii?

posted on 2014/06/29

Follow the steps below to change your language in Disney Planes:
1. Launch the game. At the title screen, press the A button to start.

Disney Planes: Start

2. At the Profile selection screen, choose Profile 1 and press the A button to confirm.

Disney Planes: Profiles

3. At the Game modes screen, press the "+" button on the Wii remote to access the Options menu.

Disney Planes: Game Modes

4. In the Options menu, select the Audio/Video option icon.

Disney Planes: Options

5. Under Audio/Video options, select the first option: Language selection.

Disney Planes: Language selection

6. Highlight your preferred language and press the A button to confirm.

Disney Planes: Language list

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