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How do I create a profile in TRON: Evolution for Windows® XP/Vista/7?

posted on 2014/06/29

Upon launching TRON: Evolution you will be prompted to create a new profile or sign in with an existing Games for Windows® LIVE or Xbox Live gamer profile. Sign in to your LIVE gamer profile to save your game progress, engage in multiplayer matches, and access online content!

NOTE: An internet connection is a minimum requirement of this game. Click here for a list of minimum system requirements.

Create New Profile
Creating a LIVE profile requires an internet connection. When you press Continue, a browser window will open to xbox.com to help you create an account. When you have finished creating your account, close the browser and return to the game to sign in with your new Windows LIVE ID.

Game progress in TRON: Evolution is saved automatically at checkpoints or while upgrading at any Disc Station.

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