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How do I download content for the PlayStation®3?

posted on 2014/06/29

To download game content for Disney Universe from the PlayStation®Store on a PlayStation®3 system, the following is required:
Take the following steps to access exclusive Disney Universe downloadable game content:
1. Turn the console on and log into your user account.
2. From the XMB™ (main) menu, scroll across to PlayStation®Network.
3. Scroll down to PlayStation®Store and press the X Button.
4. If prompted, enter your sign-in ID and password; select Sign In and press the X Button.
5. Once inside the PlayStation®Store, select Game in the top left corner.
6. Scroll down the column on the left and select Add-ons.
7. In the Add-ons section, select Disc-Based Game Add-ons.
8. Select A-L to view games listed by title.
9. Scroll down to Disney Universe and press the X Button to select.
10. On the right side of the screen, navigate to the game content you would like to download or purchase (for example: Daisy Duck Costume) and press the X Button to select.
11. Select Download (for free content) or Buy Now; then choose Confirm Download/Purchase to begin downloading content.
12. After your game content has been downloaded and installed, press the CIRCLE Button until the option to exit the PlayStation®Store appears. Select Yes to confirm and return to the XMB™ (main) menu.
13. Scroll to Game; launch Disney Universe to access the downloaded content.
NOTE: Downloadable content can also be accessed by selecting the Online Shop from the main menu in Disney Universe.

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