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How do I install and uninstall TRON: Evolution on Windows® XP/Vista/7?

posted on 2014/06/29


Exit all other programs and applications when installing Disney TRON: Evolution. Also, exit all open applications (including background applications like anti-virus software and pop-up blockers) to ensure that these programs will not interfere with installation.

Now follow the directions below:

1. Insert Disc.
2. If Autoplay is turned on, go to step 4.
3. If Autoplay is turned off, open (My) Computer and double-click on the TRON: Evolution disc icon.
4. Select Install.
5. Select the language you want installed and click Next.
6. Click Next at the splash screen.
7. If you agree to the EULA terms, click Next.
8. If you agree to the DirectX® EULA terms, click Next.
9. Select Standard or Custom install. If Standard, go to step 12. If Custom, go to next step.
10. Select the path where you want the game installed.
11. Select the Program Folder path and click Next.
12. TRON: Evolution and related components will begin installing.
13. At the end of the installation, you will then be asked whether or not you want to launch the game.
14. Activate product with the serial code provided in the product insert.
In case of Product Activation failure – please contact your local technical support as listed in the game packaging.

Uninstalling the game will remove the following:
  • Shared program files
  • Standard program files
  • Folder items
  • Program folders
  • Program directories
  • Program registry entries in Windows® XP/Vista/7

Before you uninstall the game, Disney TRON: Evolution, make sure that you have exited all associated applications.

Follow the directions below to uninstall the game:

1. From the Taskbar, click on Start and point to (All) Programs.

2. Point to Disney Interactive Studios and select Tron Evolution.

3. From the Tron Evolution sub-menu, click on the Uninstall Tron Evolution icon.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete.

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