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How do I use the forums?

posted on 2014/06/29


How do I post to the forums?
If you're interested in posting to the forums on the Infinity site, please use the following steps:

2. When you arrive on the main page, scroll over Community and click Forums
3. Select a Forum Category.
4. Choose a topic from the list, or create a new topic by clicking the New Topic button at the bottom of the page.
5. Once you've selected a topic, fill out the body of the message and click the Post button.
6. Your post will appear in the placeholder spot once it is approved.

Why hasn’t my post appeared?
Forum posts are reviewed by our moderators to make sure they are appropriate for the site. We receive a lot of forum posts and it may take us some time to review them all. Once a post is approved, it will appear in your placeholder spot. Other posts that we feel may be inappropriate for the site are denied and will not appear on the Infinity Forums.

Why can’t I post to the forums?
Certain guests need to get parental permission to post to the Forums. Once you log into the site and try to post to the forums, you will be prompted to send your parent an email to ask for permission. Click the Email My Parent button. Once your parent receives that email and approves this activity you will be able to post!


Who are moderators?
Disney Infinity Moderators are employees of our Disney Guest Experience Team. They are here to make sure the Forums are a family friendly space, and to have fun interacting with the community!


How do I get a different ranking?
The more you post to the Forums the higher your ranking will be! Rankings cannot be edited they can only be earned. So if you want a new ranking, be sure to keep posting. Once you reach the next level your ranking name will change.


What are Hot Topics?
Hot Topics are topics that we think should be highlighted. They appear in the top right section of the Infinity Forums Page. We think these are topics that are either interesting, important, or are getting a lot of community activity!

What is a “Pinned Topic"?
A "Pinned Topic" is a topic that we would like to be at the top of a topic list.

What happens when I click on a display name?
When you click on another guest’s Display Name in the Forums it takes you to their Profile Page.



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