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What are some hint and tips for Disney Tangled on the Wii?

posted on 2014/06/29

  • Discover images for Rapunzel's journal and look for collectibles to add colors to your painting palette. you can also visit the Tower and paint your own mural.
  • Collect enough sun drops in a level, so that Rapunzel's hair will continue to glow.
  • Twirl the Wii Remote to let Rapunzel's hair rejuvenate flowers and press the A (action) Button to swing into action and help Flynn climb out of caverns.
  • To switch characters and play as Flynn, use the Z Button. In 2 Player Mode, both players need to press the swap button at the same time to allow/agree to swap.
  • Up to 4 players can join the game; connect the additional controllers and press the A (action) Button. The 3rd and 4th players can help Rapunzel collect points, break objects and battle enemies.

  • When playing as Flynn, try to use all of his abilities to earn the most points possible.
  • Use the B Button to clear brush and attack enemies. For a smash attack, use a swiping down motion with the Wii Remote.
  • Look for the question mark above Flynn's head to use his "Flynntuition" to discover buried treasure. Waggle the Wii Remote to dig up the object.
  • To switch characters and play as Rapunzel, use the Z Button. In 2 Player Mode, both players need to press the swap button at the same time to allow/agree to swap.

  • Butterflies always show a place where Rapunzel can use her hair, especially for climbing.
  • When near an area that can be climbed, press the A (action) button as indicated on the screen
  • If necessary, use Flynn to clear brush to access the area.

Controller Configurations 
  • Tangled can be played in TWO different controller configurations (Wii Remote and Nunchuk or Wii Remote only); . The following walkthrough is based upon a Wii Remote and Nunchuk configuration.
  • To help other players, guide them with the "Hold My Hand" feature by standing near their character and pressing +Control Pad on the Wii Remote.


The Tower

From the ground floor of the Tower, move to the left towards the door. There should be a door labeled "Map." Enter through the door by pressing the A button to access the map . From the map screen, the characters will appear near the tower. Move the characters towards the top left of the screen. There should be a town called "First Frolic" second from the left, enter this town to begin the game.

First Frolic
Navigate to the right. Follow the on-screen instructions; switch to Flynn to clear brush or enemies. Upon reaching the cave, press the A button to enter.
Continue walking to the right. Clear the brush away to reveal the mushroom. Jump up and continue to the right. Clear a few more sections of brush and jump to reach a mushroom leading to a cliff's edge.

Use Rapunzel to swing across the gap. Move to the tree stump with butterflies. Press the A (action) Button to have Rapunzel lower down her hair. Switch to Flynn and move next to Rapunzel’s hair. Press the A (action) Button to climb. Flynn must slash through the brush to reveal the exit from the cave.

Navigate to the left and follow the path until to the mushroom. Jump up and proceed to the right. Clear the brush and switch to Rapunzel. Use the swing ability at the butterflies and then throw down Rapunzel's hair at the tree stump. Switch back to Flynn and climb up to Rapunzel.

Continue across a bridge, clear more brush, and jump up. Walk across the next bridge. Jump up another mushroom and continue to reach a clearing in the path. Press the A (action) Button to continue to the next area.

Move right, clear brush and have Rapunzel swing across the gap. Help Flynn up with Rapunzel's hair. Have Flynn clear away more brush. Rapunzel swings across another gap and helps Flynn up again. Clear more brush and navigate to the path to move to the next area.
Move to the right. Clear more brush and jump up to encounter the first challenge, “Escape Maximus”. Move to the right to reach a teeter totter. Position Rapunzel on the right and Flynn on the left side of the teeter totter. Jump with Flynn a few times to launch Rapunzel up to the ledge. Have Rapunzel drop down her hair so Flynn can get up the wall. Clear more brush and have Rapunzel swing across another gap.

Drop down Rapunzel's hair for Flynn. Flynn must clear the brush before he can climb the hair. Clear the brush to get across the bridge. Navigate past the next teeter totter and move right to complete the level.


Snuggly Duckling
On the map, move the characters to the Snuggly Duckling. Press the A (action) Button to enter the next level.
Go to the yellow arrow at the door to enter the Snuggly Duckling Inn. Talk to Axel, then go upstairs to wake up his brother. Use Flynn to clear the boxes, then go into the bedroom to the Inn Keeper. Use Flynn to slash the dresser and make noise to wake up the Inn Keeper or have either character jump on the Inn Keeper's belly. Head back down the stairs and talk to Bruiser, then talk to Axel.

Proceed to the door behind the bar and enter. Talk to Axel in the cellar to start the second challenge, “Axel’s Barrels”. Smash the barrels in the order displayed on screen for a higher score. Take the mashed radish drink to Bruiser in order to speak with Vladimir. Talk to Gene, he will tell you to find a key to trade for the Unicorn.

Proceed through the doorway with the yellow arrow above it in the back of the Inn. Distract the dog with one character while the second character grabs the key. Return to the inn and go up to the second floor. Enter through the first door. Use Rapunzel to grab the wardrobe closet with her hair by hitting the A button. Use Rapunzel’s hair again to grab the giant barrel.

Pull the barrel back to reveal a chest in the corner with the Unicorn inside. Go back downstairs and give Vladimir the purple Unicorn. Paint the picture on the wall with yellow paint to impress Vladimir. Return to Vladimir, then go talk to the Inn Keeper. Go outside to the right of the Inn and talk to Goat Boy. Help Goat Boy train his goats by racing them.

Return to the Inn and talk to the Inn Keeper, Exit the Inn and move to the left. Use Flynn to climb across the vines and continue to the butterflies. Press the A (action) Button to hold his arms out and lift up Rapunzel. Have Rapunzel move below Flynn and hit the A button to climb up. Clear the brush with Flynn and continue moving left to another teeter totter.

Have Flynn stand on the left side of the teeter totter and Rapunzel on the right. Jump and launch Flynn up. Clear more brush and pull Rapunzel up. Have Flynn clear the brush and jump on the mushroom. Clear another bit of brush and then climb the wall using vines. Jump from the vines to the other side and clear more brush. Pull Rapunzel up so she can swing across to retrieve the piano crank.

Continue right to return to the Inn keeper. You will now see the next challenge, “Thug Dance”. Completing the dancing challenge will allow access to the trap door behind the bar. Proceed to the trapdoor and hit the A (action) Button to enter and complete the level.


Thieves’ Highway
Move to the right in the caves and continue swinging across with Rapunzel. Drop down Rapunzel's hair and have Flynn climb up. Have Flynn slice through the cobwebs and move left. Continue with Flynn, defeating the enemies in the path. Continue to the left to a new area, then go right. Have Rapunzel jump across a few gaps. Proceed to the right to a star labeled, “Mushroom Bounce” for an optional mission or go up the ramp to the next challenge, “Escape Stabbingtons”.
Move to the right and jump across using the webs. Swing across with Rapunzel, drop down her hair and have Flynn climb up. Move to the right into a new area and defeat the two enemies to continue. Keep moving to the right. Jump over the gaps to reach the other side. Continue right to complete the level.
Horse Chase
Ride Maximus along the road until you reach the Castle Bridge!


Castle Island Village
After speaking to Richard, go to the right. Have Flynn launch up from the teeter totter. Slash the boxes so that Rapunzel can swing from the top of the stairs to the other side (or just have Flynn enter the next area and Rapunzel will follow). Continue through the city to the right. Jump up onto the blue and white striped cart and continue right up to the next cart. Go through the door after the candle thief runs inside.

Use Rapunzel to pull out the cart and then swing across to the door with the yellow arrow. Pull another cart out from the corner with Rapunzel. Have Flynn climb from the cart up the vines and then pull Rapunzel up at the butterflies. Destroy the barrels and then have Rapunzel swing across to catch the candle thief. Return to the candle maker by going left and back through the door. Navigate to the right and find Hamid. Paint the sign for Hamid.

Go down a few stairs and find Katie; race her friend to collect flags in the “Kid Race” challenge. Proceed to the left, back to Richard and enter the gates. Complete the “Lantern Festival” challenge to finish the level.
Village Waterfront
Navigate to the left and make your way across a few boats. Use Rapunzel to pull out the three boats under the bridge and cross the waterway. Use Rapunzel to pull down a bridge to cross over onto a few ships. Continue to the left; after the cut scene, press the A (action) Button on the Boat to complete the level.
Celebration Race
Rapunzel challenges Flynn to a horse race in the final level. Ride through the town, jumping over obstacles. Collect Sundrops and Coins along the way.


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