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Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

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What are some hints and tips for Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue?

posted on 2014/06/29

Fairy Camp
Welcome to Fairy Camp in the English Countryside!  The Minister of Summer has asked you to grow the Summer Garden for the end-of-season celebration.  Tinker Bell and all your fairy friends will be there to help you along the way. There's no time to waste, so let’s get started!

Ushering in the Season
Tap the Menu Icon to open the Main Menu. Tap objects with the stylus to interact with them and tap other fairies to talk with them. The Top Screen shows you important details about where you are and where you can go.
  • Meet New Fairy Friends – Talk to other fairies and help them with their summer tasks to earn special items.
  • Find 6 Lily Seeds – Team up with Tinker Bell, Silvermist, Iridessa, Fawn, Rosetta and Vidia to find 6 rare lily seeds to plant in the Summer Garden.
  • Tend the Summer Garden – Bring the lily seeds you collect to the garden and help them grow beautiful and strong. You also need to tend the other flowers in the Summer Garden - with help from many talented fairies.

Fairy Talents
Every fairy has a special talent. In this game, you can select from five talents: Tinker, Water, Light, Garden, and Animal.

  • Tinker Fairies, such as Tinker Bell, fiddle, fix, craft, and create all kinds of items! Fairies of every talent depend on them.
  • Water Fairies control water in all its many forms and shape it into just about anything.  Water fairies also sprinkle the grass and spider webs with dew and help light fairies make rainbows.
  • Garden Fairies take care of everything that grows out of the soil.  They plant seeds, train sproutlings, help plants grow, keep leaves green and give blooming flowers their colors. They also help flowers open and fruit ripen at the proper time. 
  • Animal Fairies care for all creatures great and small.  They can communicate with animals.  Painting ladybugs, teaching baby birds to fly, and helping squirrels find nuts are some of their favorite duties.
  • Light Fairies cannot create light, but they can mold it, shape it, and bend it any way they like.  They can also catch sunlight and store if for later use, such as for “lighting up” fireflies.

Outfit Customization
  • Your outfits and accessories are accessible via the “Items” icons on the Touch Screen
  • As you progress through the game, other fairies will give you new clothing items and accessories for helping them with quests
  • Certain dresses and clothing items can be further customized (e.g. skirt length, placement of embellishment)
  • Hairpieces can be placed in different places in your fairy avatar’s hair
Collect seeds to plant in the Summer Garden.

You can gather flower petals, leaves, bits of thread, fruit, berries, vegetables, seeds and lots, lots more.  Trade items you've collected at the Solstice Shoppe for new clothing.

There are lots for a fairy to do in the English Countryside, but tending the Summer Garden is important, too. There are two areas to the garden – a section where you can grow the lilies you find and a section where you and other fairies tend all the other flowers.

Once you've collected a lily and brought it to the garden, it'll do pretty well on its own. The other flowers, however, need more attention and care.

Summer Garden
Here you work with other fairies to help your garden's flowers grow and bloom. To plant a flower, find an open space and sow one of the seeds you have collected. Return often and help it bloom.

Every fairy has a job to do in the garden:
  • Tinker Bell plants the seeds
  • Rosetta sprinkles pixie dust to help them grow
  • Silvermist makes sure the flowers are well-watered
  • Iridessa shines light on them to boost their growth
  • Fawn brushes away bugs from the flowers
  • Vidia keeps dust and debris off the flowers
Be sure to visit the Summer Garden often to make sure all the flowers are watered and well cared for.  With a little effort, you will have a garden bursting with beautiful flowers in time for the end of season celebration!

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