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What are some hints and tips for Disney•Pixar Toy Story Mania!?

posted on 2014/06/29

Adventure Mode
Choose the Adventure Map icon and you will begin Adventure mode. This will take you to the Adventure screen where you can select from a handful of different adventures, each themed to your favorite Toy Story Mania characters. Play through the adventures to to earn a ranking in the High Scores and unlock Stickers.

Party Mode
Select the Toy Story Mania icon to begin the Party mode. In the Party mode, minigames will be chosen at random for you to enjoy, even levels that you have not yet unlocked! You can play this mode for as long as you’d like.

Free Play Mode
Select the Free Play icon to enter the Free Play mode. This mode allows you to play any level of your choosing. Play Free Play to score Ribbons and unlock all of the levels in the game.

Within Rewards, you can access the Sticker Page and the High Scores. Collected stickers will appear on the Sticker Page. All High Scores recorded in Adventure and Free Play can also be found within Rewards.

Scores and Prizes
When playing in the Adventure mode, once all of the levels in the adventure have been completed, there will be a special Score Screen where the player can celebrate with Toy Story characters and receive a Sticker as a prize! When playing Free Play, the curtains are closed and reopened at the end of each game to reveal the Score Screen. The Score Screen tallies the Score for that game, awards Ribbons, and shows how many secrets have been unlocked in that game (and how many secrets still remain).

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