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What are some hints and tips for Disney Sing It: Family Hits?

posted on 2014/06/29

  • Singing a note well makes a Flair spark fly out. Fill up the Flair meter to boost your level. The higher the level, the more points you earn for every note you sing.
  • You get a score for every page of notes you sing. Sing three “Great” pages in a row to win an “Awesome” page and tons of points.
  • The more you play, the more themes and awards you will unlock.
  • To to customize the look of the game, go to Options and select Themes. Choose from themes unlocked during play.
Saving the game: The game automatically saves your progress during play.

Game Modes

Sing It!
Quickly drop in and start singing on your own in single player.

Party Play
  • Duet – Sing a duet using one or two microphones. Pass the mic back and forth or use one mic for each singer. You can choose which part of a duet you want to sing whether you’re using one or two microphones. For multiplayer games, pair up and sing against other teams. The team who sings together the best wins.
  • Competition – Sing against your friends in an all out sing-off. You each sing the same songs and lyrics, and whoever gets the highest score wins. Sing one song or select a playlist and see your cumulative score at the end of all the songs.
  • Performance – You can play Performance mode with one or more players. Find out who can sing the best with no on-screen help.
Vocal Coach
Fun lessons and exercises in Vocal Coach help you improve your singing technique. The different activities focus on distinct aspects of your vocal performance.

You’ll hear prompts telling you to breathe, start singing, go higher or lower, sing louder and so on. Your performance in each challenge will be scored. Awards will be unlocked when you score well.
1. From the main menu, select Party Play.
2. From the Party Play menu, select Solo.
3. Select the right arrow to continue to the player selection screen.
4. Select the Player 1 avatar to customize.
5. Select the option to Change Name or Choose a Different Character.
6. Once the avatar has been customized, select the checkmark to confirm.
7. Return to the main menu and select a desired game mode; the customized avatar will now be selectable.


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