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What are some hints and tips for Disney Sing It: Party Hits?

posted on 2014/06/29

  • You’ll be rewarded based on the performance of an entire page of notes. Complex pages earn even bigger rewards.
  • Sing three “Great” pages in a row to win an “Awesome” page and tons of points!
  • Watch out for Special Pages – sing them perfectly for a big bonus!
  • Match each note’s correct pitch and length to raise your score. Watch the pitch bars on-screen to get feedback on how you’re doing.
  • Singing a note well makes a Style spark fly out. Fill up the Style meter to boost your level. The higher the level, the more points you earn for every note you sing.
Saving the game: The game automatically saves your progress during play.

Game Modes

Sing It!

Quickly drop in, pick a song and start singing on your own in single player.

Party Play
Invite some friends for a full-on Disney Sing It: Party Hits bash!

Sing a duet by passing the mic back and forth, or you can use one mic for each singer. The base of the screen shows the lyrics and pitch board for player one. Player two’s lyrics and pitch board are at the top of the screen. You can choose which part of a duet you want to sing whether you’re using one or two microphones. For multiplayer games, pair up and sing against other teams. The team who sings together the best wins!

  • Single Mic — Sing against your friends in an all out vocal competition. You each sing the same songs and lyrics, and whoever gets the highest score wins! Sing one song or select a playlist and see your cumulative score at the end of all the songs.
  • Dual Mic — With two mics, you can play a competition with each performer singing at the same time.
Play Performance mode with one or more players. Sing along with the videos with no on-screen help or scoring.

Team Play
Separate all players into two teams. Each team member takes turns singing against another player. At the end of the performances, the highest scoring team wins!

Pass the Mic
Up to six players can join together for a group concert. Use just one mic to sing your part, then pass it to the next person when their turn comes up. Each song ends with the whole group singing together!

Two groups go head-to-head in a giant singing contest. Up to eight players play with two mics. Separate the group into two teams and take turns singing solo and as an ensemble. The highest scoring team wins!

To sing in Karaoke mode, set the artist’s vocals on Karaoke during the Get Ready screen.

Vocal Coach
Exercises and games coach your vocal range, breathing and accuracy skills as notes and phrases become longer or faster. Learn how to vamp and showboat like a true diva! Accurately respond to prompts telling you to breathe, start singing, change pitch or sing louder to earn high scores, awards and new challenges. Two players on two microphones can practice their duet skills and learn how to sing in harmony. Excel at different skills building up to a grand finale show!

Can’t get enough of your performance? Play it back! Use the buttons on-screen for playback. While listening, toggle the effect on and off to see how it changes your sound.



Match each note’s correct pitch and length to raise your score. Watch the pitch bars on-screen to get feedback on how you’re doing. Watch the detailed info in the score summary to improve your singing and get even higher points.

Your Style meter fills each time you successfully sing correct notes. The meter drains if the note is incorrect. When the meter is completely filled, your Style level increases by one and leads to bigger and bigger rewards.

Pitch Detection
The game can “hear” each singer’s pitch, which is displayed on-screen. Watch the wave as it moves across the pitch board to see how close your voice is to the correct pitch. The closer you are to the correct pitch of each note, the higher your score!

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