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What are some hints and tips for TRON: Evolution on the DS?

posted on 2014/06/29

Story Mode
When you begin a new game, you’ll start by customizing your own System Monitor. Select your  appearance using the Touch Screen!


Bits – Collect Bits to buy upgrades and modifications for your program.

Subroutines – Use Bits to purchase subroutines. New subroutines are unlocked throughout story mode.
  • Pure Energy – Completely restores your health for a limited time.
  • System Freeze – Freezes all enemies and objects in their tracks.
  • Program Purge – Derezzes all weak enemy programs on-screen.
Key Items – If you’re stuck, look around for an object to help you complete objectives.
Grid Games

Light Cycles – Drive a lightning-fast light cycle and leave a trail of destruction in your wake as you attempt to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponents. Play with all new stylus-based steering controls or switch to classic mode for an original TRON arcade game experience.

Tanks – Command a powerful light tank and destroy your opponents. Use your stylus to aim and fire by tapping on your enemies. Pick up powerful weapons like the laser and mortar and hold down the stylus to charge them up.

Disc Combat – Block, spin and parry as you attempt to avoid being derezzed by other players and environmental hazards. Use your stylus to throw your disc, bouncing it off walls and around corners to de-rezz the maximum number of opponents.

Recognizer Run – Blast targets and avoid obstacles as you fly faster and faster through challenging courses. Compete for points or simply be the last one to survive in a game where players change positions based on how well they’re doing.


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