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What are some hints and tips for TRON: Evolution on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC?

posted on 2014/06/29

From the dizzying heights of TRON City to the farthest, desolate pinnacles of the Outlands, use parkour to navigate and overcome any obstacle in your path.

Master the awesome power of the light disc. Unleash devastating combos and power attacks using your environment to stay one step ahead—or above—your enemies!

Health-charged energy objects are scattered throughout the game world. Health refill objects always appear in the color of the host city you’re in. Use high mobility to run across or vault on these objects to refill your health. Use them wisely—they have a limited pool and take time to recharge.

Pure energy objects always appear in white. Without energy, you cannot use your light disc power attacks. Keep this destructive firepower in your arsenal, or run the risk of getting de-rezzed.

Light Cycles
Lean into turns and use your speed to create killer light trails your opponents can’t avoid. Destroy enemies by avoiding enemy light trails and forcing them to cross your cycle’s light trails. Knock out opponents by striking them with your light disc. Keep moving on the changing grid to avoid enemy discs. In the Game Grid, equip your disc mods while piloting a light cycle to find more ways to derezz your opponents!

Tank Combat
Fight an all-out battle against enemy tanks and maneuver through arenas with varying terrain and challenging obstacles. Play classic arcade tank combat in single and multiplayer games! Steering a tank and firing it are independent—the tank can travel forward while firing laterally or to the rear. Drive over energy lines to increase your tank’s abilities and defense.

Saving the Game: Game progress in TRON: Evolution is saved automatically at checkpoints or while upgrading at any Disc Station.

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