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What are some hints and tips for TRON: Evolution on the PSP?

posted on 2014/06/29



You can customize your character and equipment. Select your appearance to start. As you play through the game, you’ll earn new custom items for your player, light cycle and tank.

Disc Gauntlet
Complete objectives as you fight your way through the TRON world. Duel to be the last player standing in intense battles among multiple combatants. As you complete sections of the disc gauntlet, your point total will increase and advance your status.

Go beyond the world of sentient programs into the computer’s core. Use problem solving to access locked areas or activate objects.

Multiplayer hacking requires you to race against your opponents to finish or reach the score goal first.


Light Cycles

Classic Light Cycles

Race and fight in enclosed arenas in classic TRON light cycle play. Cycles turn instantly at 90-degree angles, leaving behind a light trail. Any cycles that hit a deadly light trail will be instantly de-rezzed. There can be up to four cycles in a battle. To win, you must be the sole survivor standing at the end of the round. Titles are awarded to the surviving cycle in a single battle.

Modern Light Cycles
Modern light cycles can traverse uneven, rough terrain, jumping over obstacles along the way.



Arena Matches

Arena battles contain barriers that force cycle pilots to use advanced skills to avoid a crash. Lean into turns and use your speed to create light trails your opponents can’t avoid.

Race Matches
Speed through a traditional loop track in a race for survival. Be faster and force your opponents into a wall to hinder their speed and momentum with a crash.



As you ride, grab power-ups that give you a one-time boost in performance:
  • Turbo Refresh – An instant and complete cool down for your bike.
  • Top Speed Boost – Temporarily increase your cycle’s top speed by 10%.
  • Shield Breaker – Activate a force field around your cycle that can break through an opponent’s light trail.
  • Arc – Activate an electric arc that overheats nearby cycles instantly when touched.
  • Cloak – Pass through other cycles and light walls without damage, but you also turn off your own light wall.
  • Tracer (Light Cycle Arena only) – Fire a pulse of energy at your closest opponent causing instant de-rezz.

Tank Combat

Fight an all-out battle against enemy tanks. Maneuver your tank through arenas with varying terrain and obstacles. Tank fire ricochets off walls and other obstructions, so strategy plays a big role in victory.

  • Double Barrel – Shoot two projectiles at once for greater impact.
  • Long-Range Barrel – Increase the distance of your projectile for more ricochets and tricky shots.
Tank Combat Power-Ups
  • Multi-Shot – Fire a spread of projectiles in a single shot.
  • Speed-Shot – Increase your rate of fire.
  • Power-Shot – Get an increase in the damage dealt by your main weapon.
  • Ghost – Cloak your tank from enemy radar, making you harder to target.
  • Force Field – Generate an energy field that makes you temporarily invulnerable.
  • Tracer – Add a powerful homing projectile launcher to your turret.
  • Mine Layer – Add a proximity mine layer to your arsenal.
  • Speed Boost – Get a temporary speed increase that allows for greater maneuverability.
  • V.I.R.U.S. – Attach a homing projectile launcher to your tank that cripples the enemy tank when hit.
  • Repair Kit – Partially repair your tank’s current amount of damage.
  • Double Damage Shot – Cause increased damage to enemies with each successful hit.

Recognizer Battles

Pilot a Recognizer and fire at enemy positions. Control the targeting reticule and fire at tanks and turrets. Hit bonus targets that increase your points or contain power-ups. Use the X button to fire. As you target enemies, watch the reticule to avoid overheating your weapon and temporarily disabling it.

Saving the Game

Game progress in TRON: Evolution is saved automatically. Don't power down your PSP system or remove the Memory Stick during the process.

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