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What are the Toy Box mode missions in Disney•Pixar Toy Story 3?

posted on 2014/06/29

Destroy the Old Shack
Upon arriving in Woody's Roundup, break apart the shack directly ahead with a Shoulder Charge attack.
Clean up the Town!
For this mission, destroy three shacks with Shoulder Charge attacks. The compass will point to the objective; also, green shafts of light will indicate the location. Destroy the three buildings to complete the mission.
Save the Mule!
Talk to Stinky Pete. His mule has wandered off to the top of a mountain and needs to be rescued. Climb up along the mine tracks and then slide down them while jumping to avoid stalled carts. Wall jump up the vertical shaft. The mule will be near a shack at the top. Use a Shoulder Charge attack to knock him over the edge. He'll fall down to Stinky Pete. Once the two are together, the mission is complete.
Aliens are Invading Town!
This mission begins when you talk to an alien wandering the main street. He's looking for his friend. A UFO crash landing will be shown; find that downed ship to find the friend. Pick up the alien near the ship and carry him back to his friend
Rescue the Trapped Miner!
Upon talking to Stinky Pete, some boulders falling across the opening of a nearby mine will be shown. Rescue the miner trapped inside. Go to the mine and blast it open with the laser blaster to free him and complete the mission.
Rock 'n Gold
Find the Miner character wandering the streets of the town and talk to him. He'll point you to a boulder with a vein of gold running through it. Collect a powder keg from the TNT Shack and carry it through the cave. Use the mission compass as a guide. Upon arriving on the other side of the cave, at the quarry near Slinky Dog and the farm, the boulder will be off to the right. Toss the keg at the boulder to blow it up and complete the mission.
Deliver Cows
Slinky Dog will be on the far side of the mining area, near an empty corral. He asks for help placing his cows back in the nearby corral. Green shafts of light will indicate the location of the four cows. Pick them up and toss each of the cows into the corral. Two are on the ground near the corral, the other two can be reached by climbing up and around a trail that leads to the cliff overlooking the corral. Drop the cows into the corral from that cliff. Once all four cows are placed in the corral, the mission ends.
Take the Plunger King to jail!
Head to the Sheriff's Office and check the 'Wanted' posters along the front. The Plunger King is wanted. Pick up a townsperson and throw them into the Tailor or Barber Shop to create the Plunger King using a plunger for a hat. Once he is set, pick him up and toss him into the Jail to complete the mission.
Find Cowbells
After delivering the cows, Slinky Dog offers a new mission. Find 5 large, yellow cowbells. There are four along a trail leading up and around behind the cliff overlooking the corral. The first three are on the trail, continue along the trail to its very top to find the fourth one near an empty corral. Head back down to the corral near Slinky Dog. Along the wall to the side, follow the other trail to find the fifth and final bell near some mining equipment.
Get the Cows to Higher Ground
There are four cows in the corral at the base of a cliff near Slinky Dog. Take two of them up the cliff near that corral. Go to the goo machine and produce pink goo. Pick up the goo and toss it at a cow to make it shrink. Pick up the shrunken cow and approach the higher corral. Stand on the high ledge near some wooden planks. Jump into the air and kick the cow up to the top of the cliff. Climb up after it, pick it up and carry it over to the corral. Repeat the process with the other cow to complete the mission.
Conroy's fallen in the Well!
Talk to Stinky Pete. He'll reveal that Conroy is stuck in a well. Go to the well near Stinky Pete is standing, just to the left. Jump down into the well to find Conroy waiting at the end of the path. Head towards Conrad to complete the mission.
Dino Bone Puzzle
Proceed up the cliff just beyond Stinky Pete, where his mule likes to wander. Look for piles of gold containing dinosaur bones. Activate the compass to locate all six puzzle pieces and complete the mission.
Mount Toymore
After meeting with the sculptor character in the Western Town area, head up the steep slope just on the edge of town. At the TNT Shack up top, grab a powder keg and face the flat mountain wall. Toss the powder keg at the mountain to blast it and reveal a sculpture of Woody and friends.
Paint any Building in Town
Talk to Mayor Hamm who will request to have a building painted. Step onto the patch of light to the left to bring up paint and decoration options for the nearby building. Choose any paint and decoration options. Apply the changes, then exit to complete the mission.
Populate the Town
Talk to Mayor Hamm who will request to have the town populated with more townspeople. After the conversation, the Pioneer character will be available in the Al’s Toy Barn kiosk. Head to the kiosk and purchase the Pioneer character. Exit the Al’s Toy Barn kiosk to complete the mission.
Build the Bank
After talking to Mayor Hamm at the start of this mission, the Bank building will be available for purchase at the Al’s Toy Barn kiosk. Head over to the Al’s Toy Barn kiosk and purchase the Bank building. After the building is constructed, the mission is complete.
Picture of Stinky Pete
Buy the Camera from the Al’s Toy Barn kiosk. The stagecoach will deliver the Camera in a gift box; open the box to collect it. With the Camera in hand, find Stinky Pete and take his picture to complete the mission.
Save Mayor Hamm!
Mayor Hamm has been kidnapped and needs to be rescued. Activate the mission's compass. Follow the trail to reach the area where the bandits have taken Mayor Hamm. Continue over several rickety bridges to reach an area with several shacks indicated by green shafts of light. Blow up the bandits’ shacks with powder kegs from the nearby TNT Shack. Use the Shoulder Charge Attack on the bandits. The last shack is on a lower level from the other four, near the cell holding Mayor Hamm. Drop down to the remaining shack and blow it up with a powder keg. Once the last shack is destroyed, Mayor Hamm will escape from his cell and the mission is complete.
Marble Sculptor
After saving Mayor Hamm from the bandits, he'll claim that he wants a statue erected in your honor. Proceed to the nearby TNT Shack and grab a powder keg. Carry it over to the fenced rock formation near the Al's Toy Barn kiosk. Toss the keg at the rock formation to blow it up reveal a sculpture of Mayor Hamm. The mission is complete.
Give an Alien a Hat
After purchasing the Tailor Shop, walk over to the alien under the green shaft of light. Pick him up, then turn and throw him into the Tailor Shop. Select any hat for the alien and exit to complete the mission.
Mayoral Election
The mayor is in the midst of a reelection campaign. Find townspeople to outfit with Mayor Hamm t-shirts. Pick up townspeople and throw them into the Tailor Shop. Select the shirt with a heart and Hamm's face in the center. Throw two aliens into the shop and dress them accordingly to complete the mission.
Sew What?
The tailor needs to find his five missing bolts of cloth. Find them on the platform where the stagecoach sometimes stops, on the awning over the Town Hall and on assorted rooftops elsewhere throughout Western Town. Activate the compass for help in locating the bolts of cloth.
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
One of the townspeople needs a new haircut. Purchase the Barber Shop. Once it has been constructed, grab the townsperson and throw him into the Barber Shop. Give him a new hairstyle to complete the mission.
Bustin' at the Seams
The construction worker’s clothes are too tight and have ripped. Pick up the construction worker and throw him into the Tailor Shop. Pick out another outfit and exit to complete the mission.
Barn Dance
After purchasing the Barn, talk to Slinky Dog; he'll propose a barn dance. Find the City Slicker character wandering down a tunnel near the area. Toss him into the barn, then do the same with some nearby townspeople. Characters that don't count toward the total amount will be ejected from the barn. Once there are enough townspeople for the barn dance, the mission is complete.
Blow Up the Dam
After accepting this mission from the Mayor, an iron gate nearby will open. Pass through the gate and into a new area of the cave. Continue through it while keeping to the high road. Proceed to a ledge overlooking a body of water by the dam. Continue forward to find a target on one side of a raised bridge. Throw a ball and hit the target to lower the bridge. Jump around it and continue along the rock rim surrounding the water. Look for a smaller target along some powder kegs beneath the boulders. Hit the target to clear a platform. Jump over to the platform, then across to the next ledge. Continue along the ledge, blowing up similar targets among piles of rock and bridges. Wall jump up a vertical shaft along the way, and double jump across platforms and ledges. Hit the last target to blow up the dam and complete the mission.
School's in Session
Talk to Bo Peep, then proceed to Al’s Toy Barn kiosk. Purchase the school and the mission is complete.
State Fair Livestock Contest
Find a cow and carry it over to a goo machine. Push the button to produce a green goo blob. Pick up the blob and throw it at the cow. The cow will grow; completing the mission.
Grow the Crops
Jump into the Garden and walk over to the sign showing corn. The option to plant seeds will show on screen. After electing to plant seeds, a timer will appear. Whack three moles with Shoulder Charge attacks before time expires to complete the mission.
State Fair Crop Contest
Go into the Garden and walk over to the sign displaying a pumpkin. Plant seeds by standing next to it and pressing the appropriate button. Whack six moles with Shoulder Charge attacks before time expires and a pumpkin will appear. Pick it up and carry it over to a goo machine. Hit the button to make green goo. Pick up the goo and walk over to the pumpkin. Use the goo on the pumpkin to make it grow. Once the pumpkin is fully grown, the mission is complete.
Picture Perfect
Take a picture of a crowd of townspeople in a single shot. If the picture taken scores 1,000 points or more, the mission will be completed.
NOTE: Some missions that are performance-based will still be available for play after completing all the task-based missions. For example, you can try to beat your best time in a race or kick a longer field goal!

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