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How do I choose a secure password?

posted on 2014/08/25

A secure password is one that someone else can't guess, no matter how well they know you. Keep your password a secret from everyone, except your parent or guardian. Not even your best friend should know your password!

Password Tips:
  • Choose a password that's at least 8 characters long (a character can be a letter, number, or symbol).
  • Use a combination of numbers (1234), letters (abcde), and symbols (!@#$). You can even use CAPITAL letters.
  • Try making up your own word, or combine a few of your favorite words, (for example, your favorite animal and Disney character). Just don’t use something your friends would guess.
  • Don't use your birthday, street address, or school name.

Once you have a secure password, use these tips to keep it safe:
  • Never share your password with your friends
  • Don’t check “Remember me on this computer” or “Remember my password” if you are playing on a public computer (at school, at a library, at a friend’s house)
  • Never enter your penguin name and/or password on any website other than the official clubpenguin.com site
If you think someone else knows your password, or if you need help choosing a secure one, please contact our Player Support Team.

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