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How do I return my puffle to its natural habitat?

posted on 2014/08/25

Caring for a pet is a big responsibility, so you should make sure you're ready before adopting.

If you find you've adopted more puffles than you can care for, you can return them to their natural habitat. This only works for puffles, not puffle ceatures like dino puffles or the puffles you collect in Puffle Wild.

To do this:

1. Click on your puffle while it's in your igloo
2. Then click on the comb icon
Puffle care
3. Next, click the ribbon icon in the left-hand corner, under Pet Papers
4. Select the image of a puffle crossed out
5. In the pop-up, select Yes to return the puffle to its natural habitat
Return to habitat
You can send any of your puffles, including puffle creatures, back to the wild through the Puffle Wild app!

Here's how:
1. Log in to your Club Penguin account
2.  Tap My Puffles


3. Select the puffle you want to release to the wild

My Puffles

4. Tap Release


4. Confirm that you want to release your puffle back to the wild


If you don't have the Puffle Wild app yet, you can download it for free from the app store.

Remember, you can always place your puffles into your backyard if you're too busy to care for them.

To do this:

1. Click on your puffle while its in your igloo
2. Then click on the arrow icon


3. Click the backyard icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen to go to your backyard and visit your puffles and puffle creatures!

Backyard icon

4. When puffles are in your backyard, they won't get sleepy, hungry, or bored.
If you decide that you really want to return your puffle creature to its natural habitat and you don't want to download the Puffle Wild app, you can send us an email by clicking the orange Contact Us button below.

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