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Penguin Band

posted on 2014/08/25

Penguin Band
"Hey guys, I've been working on some new sounds."

The Penguin Band played their first gig as a full band at the 2006 Western Party - and they've been rocking out ever since!
The Penguin Band has four members:
  • Stompin' Bob - Hard-rocking guitarist. He's extremely loyal and incredibly intense.
  • G Billy - Strong silent drummer. He's the founding member and grounding force of the band.
  • Petey K - Plays every instrument under the sun. He's got boundless energy and brings crazy humor to the band.
  • Franky - Lead singer and piano player. He's obsessive about sounds, mixing and fixing instruments. He brings energy and brains to the band.
Why you should meet them: To jam together and tell them about the band you've started!
Where you might find them: The Penguin Band can be hard to meet. You may spot them playing concerts during music parties.
Music: The Penguin Band has released several songs:
  • Anchor's Aweigh
  • Ghosts Just Wanna Dance (with DJ Cadence)
  • Cool in the Cold (with DJ Cadence)
  • Gotta Have a Wingman (with DJ Cadence)
  • Best Day Ever (with DJ Cadence)

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