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System Defender

posted on 2014/08/25

WhereGo to the Everyday Phoning Facility in the Ski Village. Then enter the Command Room.

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  • Before you can play you'll need to pick up your Spy Phone from the phone booth in the Everyday Phoning Facility
  • Once you're in the Command Room report to System Defender for duty
  • Use cannons to stop the invading bots before they destroy the EPF mainframe
  • Follow the tutorial in game – you'll earn a Stamp when you complete your training!

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Tips & Tricks:
  • Each color of cannon needs a different amount of energy to build
  • Each color of cannon is strongest against the same color bot
  • Gears upgrade your cannons to make them more powerful
  • The bar along the bottom of the screen will let you know what bots are heading your way and how many

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