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Troubleshooting Digital Download of Disney Infinity for Wii U

posted on 2014/09/16

If your Wii U does not have enough hard drive space to download the eShop version of Disney Infinity, you can use a USB storage device* with at least 10GB of free space instead. To download the game to your USB storage device please follow the steps detailed below:
1. While the console is turned off, plug the USB storage device into one of the USB ports in the back of the console:

a. Once you power up the console, look for the System Settings wrench icon at the WiiU home menu.
b. Push A to open System Settings.
c. Scroll to the right once to bring up Data Management and push A.
d. Choose the Format USB Storage device option and push A.

The system will ask you to confirm that you want to format your storage device and ensure that you don't need any of the data that may still be on it.
2. Next, we will need to remove any Infinity data that may still be on your WiiU system memory so that you can download the game digitally:
a. Using the same process as before, navigate to Data Management.
b. This time, choose the Copy/Move/Delete Data option.
c. Choose System Memory and push X.
d. Tap the game data for Disney Infinity – this will place a green checkmark next to it.
e. Tap X to select Move and then transfer it to the USB storage device.

After a few seconds you'll be notified that the transfer has finished. (If you don’t have any Infinity game data on your console, feel free to move to step three.)
3. Now we're ready to download Disney Infinity! Make sure that you are logged into a user account that has a linked Nintendo network ID.
a. Push the B button a few times until you're back at the WiiU main menu screen.
b. Look at the bottom of the WiiU home screen for an orange shopping bag icon.
c. Tap it to launch the Nintendo eShop.
4. You should see the digital download for Disney Infinity at the home screen. If it'snot featured, please do a quick search. After you tap it, you will get the option to download it to your USB storage device. Please note that it can take over an hour in some cases depending on your internet connection speeds.

If you are unable to complete the download for any reason, please let us know and we will be happy to look into the matter further for you.

*Nintendo has specific recommendations on the type of storage device.

NOTE: USB flash or "Thumb" drives may be used, but are not recommended.

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