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What does the Like button do?

posted on 2014/08/25

What does the Like button do?
Ever visited someone's igloo and thought it was cool? Let them know by clicking the Like button.

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Can I see who's Liked my igloos?
Want to see who thinks you're an awesome igloo designer? 

Click the button below the Like button. It will show you all the penguins who Like your igloo designs.
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How do I Like someone's igloo?
Visited an igloo you thought was cool?

If you like someone's igloo you can let them know by selecting the Like icon in the top left corner.

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How do I see how many Likes my igloo design has?
Open your igloo editor. You can see how many penguins like each igloo, and view your total number of "Likes."
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What does “Grand Total Likes” mean?
Each igloo design you create earns its own individual Likes!

The Likes from all of your unique igloo designs add up to your Grand Total Likes.

For example, if you have two igloos, one has 31 Likes, and the other has 14, your Grand Total Likes for your igloo designs is 45.

Likes are permanent, so your Grand Total Likes will never decrease, even if you delete an igloo design!

You'll see your Grand Total Likes in the Like button and in your igloo editor.

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How often can I Like an igloo?
You can Like any igloo design once every day!

That means if you really like someone's igloo, you can come back another day and Like it again.

Note: Days are based on PST. If you're not sure what time it is, check out the clock in the Snow Forts.

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