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What is a third party program, and why shouldn't I use one?

posted on 2014/08/25

A third party program is a website or program that isn’t associated with Club Penguin. These sites or programs are used to do things in Club Penguin, or get items that wouldn’t normally be possible. Using these sites or programs is considered cheating, and may result in a ban.
These other sites or programs won't protect your penguin account like Club Penguin does, or offer the same safety measures. If you use your penguin name and password on a third party program, someone else could use it to log onto your penguin account. Downloading programs also puts your computer at risk, since you could get a virus.
If you’re not sure if a site or program is a third party program, please check with your parent or guardian. If they think it is, ask them to contact our Player Support Team by clicking the orange Contact Us button below.

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