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Nemo's Reef Closure Announcement


Getting Started with Nemo's Reef

 General info about Nemo's Reef, including game features and app requirements.

What's a Game Code?

 Learn how Game Codes save your game.

Why does Nemo’s Reef drop to the home menu when connecting to the server?

 Learn how to set up a 3G or Wi-Fi connection on your phone or tablet.

How do I increase my Vitality?

 Learn how to use plants and patches to increase the Vitality of your Reef.

What are Mysterious Chests and how do I open them?

 Learn more about unlocking Mysterious Chests using Common and Rare Spines.

How do I contact Tapjoy about my free Pearls?

 Learn how to contact Tapjoy with questions or concerns regarding free Pearl offers.