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Abilities: Types and Tiers

posted on 2018/01/08

An important factor in bolstering the overall Power of your Heroes is upgrading their Abilities with Hero Upgrades. Abilities can be upgraded to the Tier equal to the Hero’s Level. For example, since Captain Phasma is at Level 5, each of her Abilities can be upgraded to Tier 5.

Star Wars: Rivals - Captain Phasma Level 5

Types of Abilities:
  • Weapon – This is the Hero’s default Attack
  • Health – Able to take more damage in battle when upgraded
  • Active – This is the Hero’s special Attack or Ability; varies by Hero
  • Passive – Occurs automatically when the condition is met for that Ability
To upgrade a Hero’s Abilities:
  • From the Hero’s card, tap the Ability you wish to upgrade.
 Star Wars: Rivals - Captain Phasma Abilities
  • Tap the “+” button to add an Upgrade.
    Star Wars: Rivals - Captain Phasma Upgrade Weapon Ability
  • Tap the Credits button to upgrade the Ability. Along with upgrading the power and effectiveness of that Ability, your Hero’s overall Power rating will increase.  
Star Wars: Rivals - Captain Phasma Upgrade Weapon Ability

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