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Can I use DisneyLife with my TV?

posted on 2017/01/23

DisneyLife is designed to work on a range of devices: it is perfect for smartphones, tablets and computers, and you can also stream from your device to watch the hundreds of Movies and TV Shows on a TV screen.

Please see the articles below for device-specific information:

Streaming DisneyLife through Apple AirPlay.
Streaming DisneyLife through Chromecast.
Streaming DisneyLife through other Android-based devices.

DisneyLife also supports select smart TVs, like Android TV, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.
For more details, please see the articles below:

• How do I use DisneyLife on Android TV?
• How do I use DisneyLife on my 4th generation Apple TV?
• How do I use DisneyLife on my Amazon Fire device?

To find out if your device is compatible, check out Ways to Watch and the Check Device Compatibility button: simply enter the name the device you’re using and we’ll let you know if DisneyLife is available on your device.

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