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Can I use mobile data to stream?

posted on 2016/12/15

You sure can! But remember, streaming uses data. To avoid unexpected charges, you may want to check with your mobile network before streaming DisneyLife on the go.

Below are a few common questions:

What is mobile data?

Most mobile networks allow you to browse the internet on your phone. This uses data, which may be included in your monthly plan or charged separately.

If you’re unsure how to use mobile data, or how much data is included in your plan, please contact your network.

Could I be charged for streaming using mobile data?

Yes. Your plan will normally have a monthly data allowance. If you exceed this, you may be charged. 

How can I disable mobile data streaming?

If you don’t want to use mobile data, no problem – you can turn it off directly from the DisneyLife app. For more on how to do this, go to Can I change how DisneyLife connects to the internet?

If my mobile connection switches between Wi-Fi and mobile data, can I continue streaming?

DisneyLife switches automatically between Wi-Fi and mobile streaming. If you have a good connection, you probably won’t notice a thing!

Can I download over mobile data?

Downloading uses lots of data, so it’s only available over WiFi. 

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