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What's the difference between the Season Pass and the DLCs?

posted on 2016/06/21

The TRON Run/r Season Pass and DLCs offer access to the mainframe like never before. Here's how they work:

TRON Run/r Season Pass
The Season Pass upgrades your TRON Run/r game to the Deluxe Edition. This adds the following DLCs to your game:
  • Disc Extender Bundle
  • Cycle Extender Bundle
  • Outlands Pack
The TRON Run/r Season Pass also includes the bonus 11k Bit Pack

If you don't want the Season Pass, you can download individual DLCs for your TRON Run/r game. You can download the Disc Extender Bundle, Cycle Extender Bundle, and Outlands Pack individually.

Note: In order to play DLCs, you need to own the base game of TRON Run/r.

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