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Exclusive info on the Music Jam Party!

posted on 2016/11/05

What's going on?
Club Penguin's biggest music festival is back! 

DJ Cadence and The Penguin Band are headlining the show and giving out autographs to lucky penguins! But they're not the only stars–you can get in on the jam and play to adoring fans in all different rooms. You might even meet some new bandmates!

The celebrities are here and the music is pumping. Be part of the Music Jam, only available on clubpenguin.com.

Image of an audition stageImage of the decorated Pizza Parlor


Who's visiting?
We've got not one, not two, but FIVE famous penguins visiting this month. DJ Cadence will be here along with each of The Penguin Band members–Petey K, Franky, Stompin' Bob, and G Billy!

Visiting times will be posted on the What's New page.


How long is Music Jam?
Music Jam is playing the hits from November 2 to November 30.

Image of the loading screen


What can I do?
Everyone can collect autographs from penguin and puffle celebrities, while members can also receive exclusive merch to wear. Special Music Jam rooms are back, including the return of the Music Cruise.

And, of course, everyone can check out the outdoor concert at The Forts, headlined by DJ Cadence and The Penguin Band!

Image of the user interface menu


Where can I get items?
Penguin and puffle celebrities will be giving out autographs. Click the music note in the top-right corner of the screen to see when and where you can find them. There's even a section where members can instantly collect some Music Jam merch! 

Image of the Orca-straw room! The UI button is circled in the top right.


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