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TRON Run/r

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Getting Started with TRON Run/r

posted on 2016/07/15

Get digitized and battle against Clu and the blackguards in TRON Run/r. Battle through exciting games like running disc and light cycle, and reach the portal before you get derezzed. Win games and survive to reach the ultimate goal of the portal and escape the grid!
TRON Run/r TRON Run/r Light Cycle Run/r

Choose from the following topics to get started with TRON Run/r:
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Compatibility Icon Compatibility
Xbox One Logo Available for Xbox One
 Coming soon!
PS4 Logo Available for PlayStation 4
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Steam logo Available for Steam
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Technical Technical

Check out the following article for troubleshooting help:

Features Features

Is the game a free digital download?

User-added imagePlayStation 4 and Steam.

Are there in-game purchases?

User-added imagePurchase power-ups, new upgrades, suit components, and program enhancements.

Gameplay Gameplay

What are the Power-Ups?

 Learn more about Power-Ups.

What are Byte Companions?

 Learn more about companions.

What are the different game modes?

 Learn more about game modes.

What can I do in the armory?

 Learn more about the customization hub.

What are Bits?

 Learn more about points and in-game currency.

Controls Controls

Steam Controls

 Click here for a complete list of PC controls.

PlayStation 4 Controls

 Click here for a complete list of controls.


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