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How do I activate Split/Second?

posted on 2018/04/27

Frequently Asked Questions: https://support.securom.com/pop_splitsecond.html


Activating the game:

After installing Split/Second, product activation will be required prior to playing the game. An active internet connection* is required to authenticate and activate the product:

  1. Click on Next at the Welcome screen.


  2. Enter the product serial number, including dashes, in the SERIAL field:


    NOTE: The product serial number is located on the back panel of the Split/Second DVD insert under the Customer Support information section (in some instances, the serial number may be found stickered to the inside of the DVD case). The product serial number is not case sensitive.


  3. After entering the serial number, click on Activate. This will connect you to the Activation server, where the product will be authenticated. Once your copy of Split/Second has been authenticated and activated, you're ready to play.


*Activating the product without internet access

If you know someone with internet access, give them your serial number and unlock request code (the Unlock Request Code can be found below the SERIAL field on the Activation screen).

Ask them to go online to https://support.securom.com/PAunlock and enter your serial number and unlock request code to generate your unlock code.

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