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How do I add friends?

posted on 2016/07/27

So glad you asked – friends make Disney Mix fun, and fun is good! If your friend is already using Disney Mix, add them by scanning their unique Disney Mix Code or searching for their avatar name.

To scan a code:

1. Tap the Friends icon in the bottom right corner:

Mix - Profile screenshot with Friends highlighted

2. Tap on the QR icon on the right side of the menu bar:

Mix - Click Add Friends

3. Scanning will run on its own, just add your friend's QR code:

Mix - Scan QR Code

To search using an avatar name:

1. Ask your friend what their Disney Mix avatar name is.

2. Tap the Friends icon in the bottom right corner:

Mix - Tap Friends icon in the bottom right
3. Tap on the Search Friends icon on the left side of the menu bar:

Mix - Click Search Friends

4. Tap on the search bar where it says Type avatar name to find friend to bring up the keyboard:

Mix - Tap search bar

5. Type your friend's avatar name and tap the Search icon:

Mix - Type in your friend's name and hit search 

6. When you friend's avatar is found, tap on the Send Friend Request bar at the bottom of the screen. 

Your friend will need to approve your request before you can start chatting and playing with them.

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