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How do I cancel my subscription on iOS?

posted on 2017/04/10

To cancel your child's Club Penguin Island membership on an iOS device, access your subscriptions in the App Store.

Note: deleting a Club Penguin Island account does not cancel active membership subscriptions. If your child's account was deleted prior to canceling, you will need to reactivate it by using the "Forgot Username" feature before continuing with the steps below. 

To Cancel:

1. Open the App Store.
2. Scroll to the bottom and tap on your Apple ID.

Image of the App Store.

3. Tap View Apple ID to open the Account page. (You may need to confirm your Apple ID password to continue).
4. Tap Subscription.
5. Tap Club Penguin Island.
6. Tap Cancel Subscription.

Image of the Cancel Subscription button.
The subscription will no longer renew once you've cancelled it, but your child will still have full access until the current paid time has expired.

  • For steps on canceling a membership purchased on an Android device, click here
  • For steps on canceling a membership purchased on a Computerclick here.

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