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How do I create a Squad in STAR WARS™: Commander?

posted on 2016/07/05

To create a Squad:
1. Return to your base and tap the Squad Center building
2. Select Info at the bottom of the screen


3. Tap Create a Squad


4. Choose your Squad's name and symbol, then write a description of your Squad
5. Select whether Squad members require a minimum amount of trophies to join
6. Choose whether your Squad is Open to All or Request Only.
7. Pay
200,000 credits to create your Squad


Note: You cannot edit the name or change your Squad's privacy settings once it's been created.

Once you've created your Squad, tap the Squad icon on the far right of the base screen to chat, view members and troop requests, and approve or deny requests to join.


To remove a player from your Squad:

Note: You must be the Squad creator or have been promoted to "Officer" by the Squad leader to remove players.

1. Tap the Squad icon on the far right of the base screen
2. Select the Members tab
3. Scroll down to locate the member you want to remove
4. Tap the arrow icon and choose Remove

To leave a Squad:
1. Tap the Squad icon on the far right of the base screen.
2. Select the Overview tab
3. Tap Leave, then confirm

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