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How do I download the DisneyLife app?

posted on 2016/12/15

DisneyLife gives you access to hundreds of amazing Disney movies, TV box sets and books, great Disney music, and new ways to play together.
Before diving in, you need to sign up. You can do this now at the DisneyLife website – it only takes a few minutes.
To download the app and start exploring, follow these steps:
  1. First, grab any devices you want to use DisneyLife on. Not sure if your device is compatible? Check out Ways to Watch

  2. Pick up the device you want to use and search DisneyLife in the App Store or Google Play.
  3. Once the app has installed, tap to open it.
  4. Enter the email address and password you used to sign up.
That’s it! You’re ready to start exploring.


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– Belle, The Beauty And The Beast

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