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How do I increase a Hero’s Power?

posted on 2017/07/14

Powering up your Heroes is critical to emerging victorious in battle! Additionally, Adventure missions require a minimum Hero Power level to start.

A Hero’s overall Power rating is comprised of:
  • Rank
  • Level
  • Abilities (Tiers)
Upgrading any of these attributes will increase a Hero’s overall Power rating.

Star Wars: Rivals - Boba Fett Power Level

Increased by collecting Hero-specific Data tapes and spending Credits.

Star Wars: Rivals - Darth Vader Rank

Increased by XP earned in Adventure missions and Arena battles; XP Boosts – each XP Boost gains 100 XP.

Star Wars: Rivals - Princess Leia XP Level

Increased by using Hero upgrades. Abilities can be upgraded to the Tier equal to the Hero’s Level.

Star Wars: Rivals - Darth Vader Ability Upgrade

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