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How do I navigate the Disney Channel app?

posted on 2017/02/24

The initial page is the main discover section, where you can browse the different types of content by swiping up for new content or down to go back, and also tap to add favourites.

The history icon, in the top left corner, brings you to a list of Stuff You’ve Seen recently.
The cog wheel in the top right corner takes you to the Settings page.

You can add favourites by tapping the heart icon underneath videos, photos, games and polls.
If you keep pressing it, you can change the heart icon into one of the different emojis that will appear.
You can remove a favourite by going to Your Faves, selecting to view it, then tapping the heart icon again so the it changes back into white.

You will find 3 buttons on the bottom of the screen.
The middle one takes you back to the main discover page.

If you swipe left or tap the icon on the bottom right corner, you will be taken to the Pick A Show section, where you will find Disney Channel shows.
Tap on each of them to see the related videos, polls, memes and gifs.
If you swipe right or tap the heart icon on the bottom left corner, you will be taken you to Your Faves page.

To exit the app,


  • On Android, use the back button on your device.

  • On iOS, press and hold the home button.

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