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How do I pay for DisneyLife?

posted on 2016/12/08

DisneyLife is a monthly subscription. When you join, you’ll need to enter payment details so you can be billed each month.

Your first 7 days of DisneyLife are free. After that, we’ll use the details you’ve provided for all future payments (unless you change them).

We don’t accept payments by invoice or direct debit. 

We accept Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard and Visa Electron.
We do not accept American Express and company cards.
All cards must be U.K based and match the Guest's address.

Remember to keep your details up to date – for example, if your bank sends you a new card. That way, your DisneyLife subscription will never be interrupted.

Check out How do I change my payment details? if you want to update yours now.

‘Actually, I’ve got something much better than money’
– Fagin, Oliver and Company

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