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How do I purchase a membership for my child's account?

posted on 2017/01/02

You can use a credit card/debit card or Paypal account to purchase Club Penguin membership. 

To purchase a monthly membership using a credit card/debit card or PayPal, follow the directions below:

1. Visit our Membership page
2. Select a membership package

Image of monthly recurring membership option on membership page

3. Enter your child's penguin name and password used to log into the game

Select penguin

4. Confirm that you've chosen the correct penguin

5. Choose a payment method

Payment method

6. Fill out your billing information.

Note: Remember to enter your email address on the billing form. This is where your purchase receipt will be sent.

Note: Club Penguin membership cards are no longer being produced.

If you have already purchased a membership card, you can still activate it to a penguin account. For help activating a membership card, see How do I activate a membership card?

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