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How do I relocate to a new planet?

posted on 2017/07/07

The battle spreads throughout the galaxy and your command has been requested beyond Tatooine.

Galaxy Map Galaxy Map
Reconnaissance shows Rebel and Empire forces amassing on the following planets:
Dandoran – A lush, forested planet in Hutt space. Scarcely inhabited, save some mining, smuggling and gambling operations.
Hoth – An icy deathtrap of a planet, cold enough to freeze a tauntaun. Not much lives on the surface, save a few monstrosities fit for its harsh environment. 
Er’Kit – A hot, red-sanded desert planet, home to the Er’Kit people, as well as our Thalassian slaver friends. 
Yavin 4 – This jungle-covered moon hosts many ancient Massassi temple ruins, and has been utilized as a base of operations by the Rebels. 
Tatooine – An unforgiving desert planet and a hive of scum and villainy.
Takodana – Popular among fugitives, this picturesque locale of forests and lakes can be spruced up with a few blaster marks.

To set up a base on a new planet:

1. Tap on Shop and then Army. Purchase and place a Planetary Command building. You'll need a Level 5 HQ to create the Planetary Command:

Image of the Army menu with the option to buy a Planetary Command. 

2. Tap on your completed Planetary Command and then on Galaxy Map.Select your new planet, and tap Relocate:

 Image of the Planetary CommandImage of the planet Dandoran

Relocate Image of a base on Dandoran

You don't need to be a Jedi to know that moving an army takes resources. Earn Stars during Planetary Conflicts or use Crystals to relocate to another planet.

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