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How do I report a player for inappropriate behavior?

posted on 2017/07/07

Being a respected Commander to the troops is an important part of leadership. Any sightings of dishonorable behavior should be reported to headquarters through the Contact Us button below.
Dishonorable behavior includes:
  • Inappropriate Commander name
  • Inappropriate Squad name
  • Inappropriate Squad description
  • Inappropriate Base layout
After selecting Contact Us, click on the device that you play the app on.  When prompted for details on the issue select Game Help and I want to report another player.

Image of the contact us page

In your report, please include the following:

1. Your Player ID
2. The reported player's Commander name
3. The inappropriate action
4. Any applicable screenshots (if possible)
5. Time and date of your PVP match with the reported player (if applicable)

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