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How do I save my game or recover lost progress?

posted on 2017/06/26

Syncing your gameplay allows you to save or recover your progress, and play on multiple iOS devices. If you're logged in to iCloud, on your iOS device, your Star Wars: Puzzle Droids™ progress is being already saved on your account.

Logging in to iCloud
To log into iCloud and set up your game to sync:

1. Tap on your device's Settings

Image of the iOS Settings icon

2. Tap on iCloud

Image of the iCloud option on an iOS device

3. Log in or create a new iCloud account (If you're trying to recover your progress, log in with the same iCloud account that you'd previously used for Star Wars: Puzzle Droids™). 

4. Once signed in, open Star Wars: Puzzle Droids™. Your progress will be backed up as you play.

NOTE: Lost progress can only be recovered if you had previously been logged in to iCloud and your gameplay was being saved. If this is your first time setting up your game to sync, you will not be able to recover past gameplay.

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