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How do I set up the tracking beacon?

posted on 2017/11/01

Place the tracking beacon in a location where it can cover the entire playing area. When using the product, make sure to stay within the boundaries of the tracking beacon.
  • Make sure the headset stays in front of the tracking beacon when you are playing. An optimal distance is between 3 to 9 feet
  • The Mirage Headset uses sensors to follow the tracking beacon. Avoid standing too close or too far from the beacon for optimal tracking
  • Avoid placing the tracking beacon too close to other light sources
  • Avoid placing the tracking beacon near shiny or reflective surfaces, like a mirror
  • Keep tracking beacon away from pets while playing

NOTE: The 2nd (cyan) position on the switch will be for multiplayer functionality – coming soon.

IMPORTANT: The Lightsaber Controller, Tracking Beacon and Lenovo Mirage AR Headset are supported by Lenovo. For all issues related to the support of Star Wars™ Jedi Challenges gear, please contact Lenovo support: https://support.lenovo.com/jedichallenges

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