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How do I start building in my Toy Box?

posted on 2017/04/21

The Toy Box can be a little intimidating when you're getting started.

Toy selection is limited when you enter your Toy Box for the first time. Earn more toys by playing through your Play Sets and earning spins for the Disney Infinity Vault.

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Building Tips

Here are some basic tips for building in your Toy Box!

1. Start with the terrain.
  • This is the land you'll build your world on
  • Use large blocks to increase the area of your prebuilt Toy Box

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2. Construct your buildings.
  • They are the biggest pieces so place them down before anything else
3. Lay out any track pieces you want to use.
  • Change the theme of your track and other select items using the Magic Wand
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4. Polish the world you've created.
  • Use lots of plants and decorations
  • Add more terrain like hills and slopes to create an illusion of more land
5. Populate your world.
  • Townspeople, enemies, or cast members are great additions
  • Provide a vehicle or mount so players can get around quickly
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Play Sets

Unlock toys and bring them back into your Toy Box by collecting green capsules found in the Play Sets.

Character chests require a specific character to open, and vaults require all characters from that Play Set to be unlocked before they'll open. Character vaults unlock an entire Toy Box world and toys for all your Toy Boxes.


Disney Infinity Vault*

The Disney Infinity Vault is found within the Toy Box and contains 16 different toys or toy packs. Use spins to randomly unlock one of the toys or toy pack. Try the shuffle option to change the toys inside.

Earn spins by collecting green capsules, completing your Mastery Adventures, leveling up your characters, and earning medals in the Adventures or Character Adventures. Collecting Sparks and leveling up your figure will get you another spin.

*only available in Disney Infinity versions.

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