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How do I sync my progress in Disney Emoji Blitz?

posted on 2018/03/01

You can save your progress in Disney Emoji Blitz by connecting to Facebook.

Note: Disney Emoji Blitz will never post to your wall without your permission.

To begin saving your game: 

1. Tap the Settings (gear) icon.

Disney Emoji Blitz - Settings

2. In the Settings menu, tap Log In.

(If a Facebook option is not available on your Settings page, please read this article).

Disney Emoji Blitz - Facebook Login Setting

3. From the "Connect Now!" screen, tap the Facebook Login button.

Disney Emoji Blitz - Connect Now

4. Tap the check mark to confirm you are leaving the app to log into Facebook.

Disney Emoji Blitz - Leaving Now

5. Log into Facebook to sync your progress.

Disney Emoji Blitz - Facebook Login

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