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How do I use media streaming devices with DisneyLife (NVIDIA SHIELD and Nexus Player)

posted on 2016/12/12

You can enjoy DisneyLife on many different devices provided they meet the required operating system. If you are using an Apple devices, the device must be running on iOS 8 or above. If you are using an Android device, the device must be running 4.3 or above. For more information on device compatibility, check out Ways to Watch.

For more information on other ways you can link DisneyLife to your TV, check out Can I use DisneyLife with my TV?

If you have a Google Nexus player or NVIDIA SHIELD you can connect to DisneyLife by following the steps below:

Google Nexus player

The Nexus player acts as a bridge between Android devices and your TV. It connects to your TV with a HDMI cable therefore the TV must be a compatible HDTV.

You can control the Nexus player remotely with the Nexus remote Android app.

To link the player with DisneyLife you can go to the Play Store and search for DisneyLife.
If you have an Android device that you would like to use to cast DisneyLife to your TV follow the steps below:
  1. Turn the Nexus Player on.
  2. Go to the DisneyLife app on your Android device.
  3. Select something you wish to view.
  4. Before you tap play, navigate to the top left where you will see an icon with 3 lines in the bottom left corner. Tap this icon to cast to your TV.
  5. Tap Play.


To use the NVIDIA SHIELD all you require is a compatible HDTV and a secure internet connection. 
You will need to connect the controller, for more information on how to link the controller please visit the NVIDIA SHIELD help page.

To access DisneyLife with NVIDIA SHIELD navigate to the Google Play Store on your NVIDIA SHIELD, where you can search for the DisneyLife app.

Once you have downloaded the app you can use it the same as you would with any other Android device.


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