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How do parental controls work?

posted on 2016/07/22

To use parental controls, you need to be in the account holder’s profile.

You can set up parental controls when you create a profile, or add them to existing profiles. To do so, you’ll first need to set up a PIN. This will ensure only the account holder can change parental control settings. 

Check out What is my PIN? for more on this.

Where can I find Parental Controls?
How do I change the Content Filter?
How do I Limit Screen Time?

Where can I find Parental Controls?

When you’re creating a profile:

Swipe the white bar to the right until you see a tick:
If you haven’t set up a PIN, you’ll be asked to create one here.

To add parental controls to an existing profile:
  1. From the account holder’s profile, tap your Character in the top right corner.
  2. Tap Parental Controls.
  3. If you have a PIN, you’ll need to enter it here. 
  4. Select the Profile you’d like to add parental controls for.

How do I change the Content Filter?

This feature allows you to choose which content is available on each profile based on the age rating.

Once you’ve selected a profile:

Slide the white circle to the maximum age rating you’d like this profile to view.
For more information on age ratings, check out What do the ratings mean?

Note: By default, the Content Filter is set based on the date of birth you enter when creating the profile.

How do I limit screen time?

You can set the times of day that each profile will have access to DisneyLife. These can be different for weekdays and weekends.

Once you’ve selected a profile:
  1. Swipe the white bars to the right until you see the tick.
  2. Slide the first circle to the earliest time you’d like DisneyLife to be available.
  3. Slide the second circle to the latest time you’d like DisneyLife to be available.

You can see a summary at the top of the screen. 
Your changes will save automatically when you leave this screen.


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