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How does the Toy Box meter work?

posted on 2014/09/29

The Toy Box meter will help you determine how strong your network connection is, how much room you have left for enemies and townspeople, how full your Toy Box is, and more!

Read the following for a complete list of helpful gauges:

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Network Stability
  • Indicates how stable the network is
  • The higher this icon is, the more network play will be affected
  • You can still place items in the Toy Box
System Performance
  • Indicates how hard the console is working
  • Adding multiple items in quick succession or working in split-screen affects this the most
  • You can still use the Editor until the system can recover
  • Indicates and limits the number of townspeople or enemies that can be placed in the Toy Box
  • When this meter is full you can’t add further enemies
  • You can still place other toys in the Toy Box
Graphical Memory
  • Indicates how much graphical memory is being used
  • Affected by a large number of different items in the Toy Box, mostly detailed buildings and toys with moving parts
  • When this fills up, you can only place more of the same items that are already in the Toy Box
System Memory
  • Indicates how full the Toy Box is
  • Won’t generally fill up before a different gauge stops you from building

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