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How long do downloads take?

posted on 2016/08/22

With DisneyLife, you can download movies, TV shows, books and music to enjoy offline. The speed of your download will depend on your internet connection and your device.

Here are a few things that can affect your download speed:


  • Public or private Wi-Fi – Private Wi-Fi connections are normally faster and more reliable than public ones, because fewer people are using them.
  • Number of devices – If there are lots of devices connected to your network, downloads will normally be slower.
  • Connection speed – Your connection speed depends on your location, and the type of broadband you’re using.
  • Traffic – Some internet providers have a Traffic Management Policy. This may slow down your connection at certain times of day.


  • Number of apps – When lots of apps are running, your downloads may be slower. (Remember that many apps run in the background, and will use data even if you don’t open them.)
  • Operating system (OS) version – Using the latest software will often speed up your downloads.
  • Available space – Limited storage space can make downloads slower.


  • Size of file – Bigger files, like full-length movies, will take longer to download.
Want to know more? Check out How do I use Downloads?

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